Click2Money partner program allocated on the Internet at the address provides the Web-masters with possibility to work with Offers of Advertisers in the Click2Money partner program.

For the work of the Web-master in Click2Money partner program these rules of Click2Money partner program must be reviewed and followed, which rules are allocated at the address


  • Participant of the partner network - Advertiser, Web-master and the partner network Click2Money.

  • Advertiser — a person who defines the conditions of the partner program and provides possibility for advertisement of their goods and services by different advertisement means and provision of the advertisement materials. The Advertisers shall provide the advertisement materials, for example, such as graphic banners, text links, XML-goods catalogues and other types of the advertisement materials.

  • Web-master— a person performing placement of the advertisement materials on their platforms on the Internet.

  • Click2Money partner program – a hardware platform which enable the Advertisers to place their Advertisement Materials, and for the Web-masters - to use them.

  • Advertisement and promotion materials (hereinafter referred to as APM) – all Banners, mock-ups, artwork, scripts, presentations, pictures, documents, photographic pictures, and any other materials, created or manufactured by the Advertiser or upon their instruction by any third parties recorded on any data carrier and in any form.

  • Software – software of Click2Money partner program available for use in the form of a web-site allocated at the address;

  • User account – a virtual User Account of the Web-master, allocated on servers of Click2Money partner program at the address, the access to which shall be provided after authorization (input of the user name and password which only the Web-master shall know);

  • Advertisement campaign (hereinafter referred to as the AC) – the aggregate of the Advertisement contacts performed in accordance with requirements of the Advertiser;

  • Internet – the aggregate of the international computer systems of information, communication and services, overlapped with the technological environment of the telecommunications network.

  • Rate – the price paid by the Advertiser to the Web-master for one Advertisement contact in scope of the Advertisement campaign;

  • Advertisement platform - means of generation of the Target Actions on the Internet connected to the partner network Click2Money.

  • Places of allocation - places of reflection of APM and/or parts thereof on the Advertisement platforms, to be defined by the Web-master;

  • Web-site of the Web-master – information resource on the Internet with the unique URL-address and constituting the aggregate of interrelated web-pages combined pursuant to the theme attribute and belonging to the Web-master or any contractors thereof controlled by the Web-master (their contractors), or constituting a tool for the Web-master (their contractors) to render services on which the Advertisement Materials or Hyperlink of the Advertiser are allocated;

  • Web-page – an independent component of the web-site, a separate document on the Internet, created on the basis of the HTML-language to be identified by the unique address (URL), containing information (text, graphics, audio and video files).

  • Fraud – activity resulting in illegal obtaining of access to the hardware complex and databases of the Advertiser, to any confidential information of the Advertiser or of the Users as well as any other actions aimed at infliction of losses and any other damage to the Advertisers or partner network Click2Money, counterparties of the Advertiser, Users or any third parties, including any actions of the Web-master and/or subcontractors thereof, aimed at obtaining of a fee from the Advertiser for services which shall not comply with requirements of the Advertiser, that is actions of deceivable/fraudulent nature for the purpose to obtain the fee;

  • Hold time- time period after the User shall have performed the Target Action, provided to the Advertisers to notify the partner network Click2Money and Web-master of the status of that Target Action (declined or approved).

  • Target Action – fulfillment by the Internet User of an action defined by the Advertiser in advance, on the web-site of the Web-master, on which APM of the Advertiser shall be allocated;

  • Statistics data — detailed report of the Target Actions performed by the Users on the Advertisement platforms of the Web-masters.

  • Cookie - small fragment of data to be sent to the User's computer in case of transfer to the Web-site and/or in case of review of the Advertisement Materials on the Web-site, and to be stored on the User's computer.

  • User– a natural person using the Internet to obtain, transfer, or review any information as well as to purchase or sale any services and/or goods.

  • Any other terms, definitions and word combinations the Parties use herein shall have the meaning and be interpreted by the Parties according to provisions hereof, the established practice of using these terms, definitions and word combinations when operating in the area of Internet-technologies as well as in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.


    1.1 For participation in Click2Money partner program, you must be registered at the addressу

    1.2 The registration shall be available only for persons who reached the age of complete 18 years.

    1.3 After filling-out and sending of all data in the registration form on the site the Web-master shall acknowledge and accept these rules of Click2Money partner program as well as shall agree with confidentiality policy and personal data processing policy.

    1.4 In case of consent with these rules of Click2Money partner program and after completion of registration, the Web-master shall receive a message to the e-mail address mentioned by them. Following a link in the message, the Web-master shall complete the registration in the partner network Click2Money and obtain access to the Personal account. After completion of the account activation procedure, the Web-master may use the services of the partner network.

    1.5 The partner network Click2Money shall remain entitled to deny the participation of the Web-master in the partner network without mentioning the reasons.


    2.1 Click2Money partner program provides the Web-masters with possibility to use the site for work with the provided Offers of the Advertisers. Participants of the partner program shall be Click2Money, the Web-masters, and the Advertisers.

    2.2 The Web-masters shall be the natural persons, individual businessmen or legal entities interacting with the partner network, using the Offers for their work, providing advertisement places on their Advertisement platforms on the Internet. In case if the Internet-user shall be referred to the site of the Advertiser through the advertisement offer of the Web-master on the Internet and shall perform a Target Action on the Advertiser's site as described in the Offer of the Advertiser, then the Web-master shall receive a fee to be discussed in advance.

    2.3 The Target Actions may be different actions described in the Offer of the Advertiser in the partner network Click2Money. Other actions not described in a particular Offer shall not constitute the Target Actions for which any fee may be calculated.

    2.4 The Advertisers shall be the legal entities providing the partner program Click2Money with their proposals to be advertised on the Internet.

    2.5 The Advertiser shall make the ultimate decision as whether the Target Action was performed based on thier proposal or not.

    2.6 By acceptance of these rules the Web-masters shall be notified of monitoring and recording of all transactions pursuant to Offers and reflection of the corresponding data in statistics of the Personal account of the Web-master. On the basis of the Target Actions approved by the Advertiser and on the basis of the reflected statistics, the fee calculation shall be performed in the User Account of the Web-master.

    2.7 Click2Money shall remain entitled to suspend the work of the software program Click2Money to conduct the maintenance and repair works, in which case it shall be obliged to notify all Advertisers and Web-masters in advance by newsletters.

    2.8 Click2Money shall remain entitled to suspend the work of Offers should it be related to amendments of the provided service by the Advertiser.


    3.1 The Web-master shall be obliged to strictly and completely fulfill all these rules of Click2Money partner program.

    3.2 Click2Money shall be entitled to request from the Web-master any data necessary to confirm the reliability of data about the Web-master. Accepting these rules, the Web-master shall agree that he shall knowingly and with definitive consent provide the data to Click2Money. Refusal of the Web-master to provide the data shall constitute the refusal to interact with the partner network.

    3.3 The Web-master shall be obliged to keep their data tor usage of Click2Money partner program (login and password) and may not make available their data to any third parties. The Web-master shall bear complete liability for safety of their account data.

    3.4 One Web-master may only have one account registered on his name and data. Should the inspection detect that any data provided by the Web-master do not belong to him or the Web-master uses several accounts then the access to the partner network Click2Money may be restricted or completely blocked upon decision of the Responsible person of the partner network Click2Money.

    3.5 The Web-master shall be obliged to guarantee that the data transferred by him into the partner network Click2Money are true. In case of amendment of any data, the Web-master shall be obliged to notify the representatives of Click2Money about amendments within 3 (three) calendar days from the moment of amendments by sending the corresponding information to the e-mail address mentioning the amended data.

    3.6 For the advertisement activity, in the partner program the advertisement platforms shall be accepted, abiding and in no way contradicting with the legislation of the Russian Federation and this offer-agreement, confidentiality policy of Click2Money. Use of the advertisement platforms on the stage of development shall be prohibited. Click2Money shall be entitled to refuse the Web-master's advertisement platforms should they not comply with requirements, without explanation of reasons. The Web-master shall guarantee the possession of rights on advertisement platforms and work with them. Web-master shall bear complete legal and proprietary liability for actions occurring on the advertisement platform.

    3.7 Click2Money shall be completely entitled to request from the Web-master any data of his advertisement sources and access to statistics, the requested information must be provided not later than 10 (ten) calendar days, within that period Click2Money shall be entitled to suspend the Web-master's activity in the partner program, having partially or completely restricted the access to the User Account Click2Money as well as to stop the access of the advertisement platforms to the proposed Offers in the partner program.

    3.8 The Web-master shall be notified and agree that Click2Money shall be entitled to pay a fee to the Web-master only after payment for the rendered services by the Advertiser and after receipt of the money funds to the settlement account of Click2Money from the Advertiser.


    4.1 To close transactions by methods or means contradicting with the current legislation, these Rules, any further rules of the Advertisers.

    4.2 To imitate the Target Actions offered by the Advertisers in Click2Money, using any non-existing, false, or borrowed data without awareness of the possessor, to fulfill conditions of the Offers.

    4.3 To engage users interested in offers of the Advertisers using deceit, blackmail, or any other actions breaching the legislation and the freedom of choice of the user (consumer, freedom consumer choice), copyright, data etc.

    4.4 To use the Advertisement Materials, including any brand of one Advertiser for promotion of a Web-site of any other Advertiser.

    4.5 To register and/or to use for promotion any domains similar to domains of Web-sites of the Advertisers.

    4.6 In scope of distribution of the Advertisement Materials through electronic telecommunication networks, including by use of the phone, fax, mobile radio communication (hereinafter referred to as «mailing») the Web-master shall be prohibited from use of bulk mailing (spam). For mailing of advertisement, the Web-master shall be obliged to obtain the prior consent for receipt of information of the advertisement nature from each subscriber or recepient and in their request provide the Click2Money partner program respective proof.

    4.7 To use any technologies and types of cookie stuffing (cookie dropping). It shall be prohibited to use the scripts which allow to fill in the cookies of sites which the User has not visited or reviewed. It shall be prohibited to swap, exchange, replace cookies of the User by the other ones which shall not belong to sites reviewed by the User, as well as to replace cookies using popups, iframe as well as replace by insert of address of the external page as picture on the existing site.

    4.8 To use the registered platform with any particular declared type of traffic to engage any other type of traffic through it.

    4.9 To use any data of the Advertiser or any third party protected by the registered trademark, copyright, other legally registered rights of the holder, for the purpose different from purposes of these Rules. In case of use of the trademarks and advertisement materials of the Advertiser for purposes different from purposes defined in these Rules, the Web-master shall be completely liable for such placement in accordance with the applicable legislation and shall be obliged to independently settle all arising claims, disputes, including court disputes, to settle any other disputable situations, including in relation to the governmental bodies and any third parties (Advertisers).

    4.10 The responsible employee of the partner network shall be entitled to:
    - Block the account of the Web-master in case of breach of rules of work or any claim from the Advertiser;
    - Temporarily suspend conduction of payments on account to inspect the traffic quality and the used engagement methods.

    4.11 Should any of the above mentioned breaches be detected, the account of the Web-master shall be immediately blocked, and all fees earned using those breaches shall be transferred to the Advertisers. The Web-master shall be notified by the administration about the made decision. After the account shall be blocked, it shall be prohibited to create the other account.

    - For the above mentioned breaches, the partner network shall be entitled to collect:
    • penalty in amount of 5% to 100% of volume of the money funds;
    • to block the account of the Web-master without payment of the money funds and possibility to reestablish the work.

    If due to Web-master's breach of these Rules any third party shall initiate any administrative or any other legal proceedings against Click2Money then all expenses related to such procedure (legal expenses) and other expenditures arising therefrom shall be completely withdrawn from the guilty Web-master.


    5.1 In the partner network Click2Money, the personal account shall have 2 accounts:
    - Hold - contains the amount of earnings regarding the confirmed Target Actions which, after inspection of traffic, shall be transferred to the balance and become available for withdrawal;
    - Balance – the fee available for withdrawal to the account mentioned by the Web-master.

    5.2 The Web-master shall receive a fee from Click2Money depending on result of the advertisement campaigns to be conducted by the Web-master.

    5.3 The amount of fee for the fulfilled Target Action shall be defined in each separate Offer and shall be set by the Advertiser.

    5.4 The Advertiser shall be entitled to amend the amount of fee for the Target Action, but such amendments shall not be considered for actions already done. The Web-master may not demand from the partner program and from the Advertiser any increase or amendment of fee for fulfillment of the Target Actions. The Web-master must review the current fee tariffs in Click2Money partner program, after review of the Web-master with fees and subsequent work with Offers he shall automatically agree with the current tariffs.

    5.5 Click2Money partner program and the Advertiser shall not be liable and shall not reimburse any expenses for any additional expenditures of the Web-master — bank transfers/commissions, use of any external agencies, services, applications, facilities, in no way related to Click2Money.

    5.6 The Web-master shall receive the fee in his user account in Click2Money and shall be entitled to withdraw it to the personal account only after completion of all conditions described herein:
    - the Target Action was performed through Click2Money;
    - the Target Action was registered by the tracking system of Click2Money;
    - the Target Action was affirmed and approved by the Advertiser and by Click2Money;
    - the Advertiser has performed payment to Click2Money for the performed Target Actions;
    - Web-master has not breached any rules of the partner program as described in clause 4.

    5.7 The Web-master shall be completely liable for payment of all taxes related to fee from Click2Money partner program.

    5.8 The Web-master shall be completely liable for provision of payment details and shall confirm correctness of those details. Click2Money shall not be obliged to inspect the correctness of the Web-master's payment details.


    6.1 This contract shall be concluded between the Web-master and Click2Money partner program for an unlimited period of time. The Parties may terminate the contract anytime upon their own wish having sent a corresponding notification to the other Party.

    6.2 Should the Web-master within the latest 6 months (180 days) not interact and not visited the account then Click2Money shall be entitled to delete the account of the Web-master. After deletion of account, the Web-master shall not be entitled to reestablish the account and ask reestablishment thereof and repayment of the money funds; any funds fixed on the account of the Web-master at the moment of deletion shall not be paid to the Web-master and shall be registered in favor of Click2Money.


    7.1 Each party shall be obliged to not disclose any confidential information of both parties.

    7.2 As non-confidential shall be considered any information
    - which was or became the public domain without breach of these rules;
    - which may not be referred to the confidential information in accordance with the current legislation of the Russian Federation.

    7.3 In case of deletion of account of the Web-master from Click2Money system, all information of the Web-master shall be deleted except for login and statistics.

    7.4 Information obtained in scope of participation in Click2Money partner program may be used only in scope of the partner program. Other ways to use that information shall be strictly prohibited. The Web-master shall not be entitled to transfer the information to any third parties, provide access to them, amend them and create databases. In case of breach of those usage rules, Click2Money shall be entitled to unilaterally terminate the contract, to apply other remedies. If due to Web-master's breach of these Rules any third party shall initiate any administrative or any other legal proceedings against Click2Money then all expenses related to such procedure and other expenditures arising therefrom shall be completely withdrawn from the guilty Web-master.

    7.5 Click2Money shall not be liable for damage, malfunctions, errors in software, hardware of participants caused by any third parties or restriction of functionality or general availability of Internet.


    8.1 Click2Money shall be entitled to make amendments of these Rules without any reason and anytime. Notification of amendments shall be sent via e-mail addresses mentioned in registration data of the Web-master.

    8.2 The information newsletter shall be only sent from the official postal address: Any messages received from any other postal addresses shall not constitute the official information letters of the partner network Click2Money.

    8.3 The period of commencement of the amendments shall be mentioned in the information letter of the partner network Click2Money.

    8.4 The Web-master shall bear personal liability for correctness of the e-mail address mentioned by him in the registration data and for timely review of the information letter of the partner network Click2Money.

    8.5 The use of the partner network Click2Money by the Web-master after receipt of the information letter related to the Rules shall constitute the Web-master's consent with amendments and readiness to accept obligations mentioned in these Rules. Any non-consent with amendments of the Rules shall cause termination hereof as well as termination of work with the partner network Click2Money.


    9.1 In case if these Rules shall become partially ineffective the other part shall remain unchanged and remain effective.

    9.2 Should the Web-master breach these rules related to engagement of any third parties, the rules of Click2Money shall be also partially or completely applied to them.

    9.3 Should any disputes arise between the parties which may not be settled by them independently, those disputes shall be considered in the Arbitration court of Moscow and on the basis of the current legislation of the Russian Federation.